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Something be made for the children who are suffering with the hunger.


Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket PC


Ten  v1.0   (only portrait)




Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket PC ( ARM )  ... Windows Mobile 6.0 ??

*Please make it 10 with four numbers.

 > Please make four numbers 10 by an addition, subtraction, multiplication and division calculation.

 > Please use four numbers once by all means each.

 > You cannot use one number twice.

 > The addition, subtraction, multiplication and division operator is usable again and again.

 > Please use "(" and ")" if necessary.

 > The order of calculations

    1. ()

    2. multiplication and division

    3. addition, subtraction

 > All the calculations are an integer or a fraction (when not divisible).

 > When not divisible, I calculate with a fraction!

 > The key input is not usable. It is only touch panel.
 > 80 questions
 > Intro is 20,  Begginer is 20,  Middle is 20,  Higher is 16,  Hard is 4
 > I store the number that you answered correctly in a file (ten.bin).
 > I publish an authorization number as the evidence when you answer all 80 correctly.
Check Windows Mobile 5.0  Mio P350
File & Size 2009.01.02 211,820 byte  CAB file

2009.01.02  34,693 byta  ZIP file



Please choose it

  download : CAB file( ten_english.CAB )

  download : ZIP file( ten_english.ZIP )



 > Click "Start"
 > Click "Settings"
 > Click "System Tab"
 > Click "Remove Programs"
 > Click "satoshi ten_english"

There is no answer book. now.